Initial Ideas.

Yesterday (14/09/16) we were given our brief for the first project this year. Overnight i’ve had sometime to think about what I could do. Here are my initial ideas:

Mind Games

  • Motion graphic optical illusion video.
  • Posters featuring puzzles.
  • Calender with a few puzzles each month.
  • Series of posters. The first would be using of technique of scale and distance. So the object closer to the camera looks bigger than the other far away.

Every Human

  • Graphical video showing what every humans needs.
  • Photography piece showing Every Human is different. This could be through looks or what there interests are.
  • This could be a really good concept if it works. I would create a video interviewing random people plymouth and the video would hopefully show that everyone gives different answers which means Every Human is different and unique.
  • A range of products which each as a design on showing what every human needs ie. friendship, family
  • Short film showing every human is different. For this I am thinking of giving 5 people something to work out and seeing if they all work it out differently. I feel this would only work if they all worked it out differently. This idea is almost exactly the same to one of my other ideas. But for this idea because of
  • Short documentary shadowing my dad who is a sheep farmer in devon. This would link to the theme show by show people the way people live in the country because not every human gets to experience this.

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