Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore was part of the design team that was commissioned by Vh1 to create the look for the 2012 Critics Choice Awards. The design brief stated that the design should be bold yet sophisticated; they also mentioned that the team should look at optical art.

     Vh1 Critics’ Choice 2012 from Ryan Moore on Vimeo.

Firstly I really like the simple black and white colour scheme as the two of them together connote power and goodness which link to being sophisticated. At a prestigious event like this, the whole colour scheme of the design is very important and I feel it fits the occasion nicely.

The patterns I find really interesting as they use all different types of geometry which adds a variety to the work. You can see they have taken lots of time to experiment with lots of possible patterns and movements.

The font that has been chosen is bold which links to the powerful people that will be attending the event.
In terms of animation I really like the upbeat and smooth movements and transitions.

One of the techniques I really like that has been used, is having the patterns as the background and then cutting parts away to make the letters as seen below.



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