Personal Progession Work

List of works I will be putting in my portfolio.

  • Paris the city of light poster/design.
  • OKIDO double page spread (I want to find the original so I can edit some elements)
  • Marine Wildlife Trust Campaign poster
  • Pencil Logo Design
  • Best photos I have taken.
  • Cinematic Lac de guerledan

Five university courses I might be interested in.

  • Film BA(Hons) Falmouth
  • Photography BA(Hons) Falmouth
  • Creative Advertising BA(Hons) Falmouth

  • Film Production BA (Hons) UCA

  • Digital Film BA(Hons) Brighton

Three jobs I would REALLY like to have in 10 years time.

-Film Editor for a Sports Brand-

Location: London

Salary: £40k depending on experience


  • Have 5+ years of experience as a film/video editor
  • Have a stunning portfolio of work
  • Be a great communicator
  • Be super organised and unafraid of a deadline
  • Be a whizz at editing software packages, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro and hardware
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Possess an entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary mindset


Location: El Segundo, CA, United States


  • Execute shoots for brand marketing, digital ads, PR, and social media.
  • Maintain high standards of excellence in style and technical skill on every project.
  • Shoot in a variety of styles.
  • Light quickly and accurately.
  • Create a selects reel of best shots.
  • Deliver initial and/or polished edits.

Required Skills:

  • A great eye.
  • Ability to recreate lighting from a photograph.
  • Mastery of multiple cameras (Alexa, Red Dragon/Scarlet, Sony FS7, Sony A7s II)
  • Ability to operate a Ronin or similar.
  • Ability to operate a drone is a plus.
  • Knowledge of 3D cameras is a plus.
  • Understanding of fashion photography.
  • Ability to follow gut instincts and work quickly in high pressure environments.
  • Strong editing abilities.
  • Professional working knowledge of Premiere.
  • Knowledge of additional programs in Creative Cloud is a plus
  • Ability to act as a team player.
  • A willingness to learn and grow.





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