Film moodboard

WILD from Matti Haapoja on Vimeo.

Matti Haapoja is a cinematographer based in Toronto who works in partnership with his brother Teppo in a company called Heart Visuals. They both love live and want to capture amazing moments through photography and film.

‘WILD’ was filmed on a 28-day road trip through the west coast of America

I this film I like the aerial coastal shots, natural colour grading and amazing lens flares. I also like the quick change in camera angle with tells me that they’re very active people who can sit down for long.


An example of a lens flare I like is at 00:16. I don’t know if this was done on purpose but I feel the position of the lens flare fills the blank space in the sky and makes the whole scene more visually appealing.

2016 REEL from Matti Haapoja on Vimeo.

At the start, I like how they’ve used wide camera angles to show how much space these people have to explore and how small they’re in the world.


The Klarälven River from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

The up close textural shots in the film are amazing for example when they are up close with logs and you see the wrinkles. I feature which I want to incorporate into my film is at 00:15 when you see and hear the rope being pulled tight; which gives me the sense that they are having to work hard to achieve the goal. I overall really like the sound work in this film.

Lofoten Winter 2014 from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

The extreme wide shots in this film are amazing. I also love how they give you so long to look at the image in detail as there is so much to look at you don’t get bored. The sounds also work amazingly as it helps to show that the environment is off the map and not much goes on here.

I really the colour grading that has been done in this film. The colours are still beautiful but are not in your face -this what I would quite like my film to look like colour wise.


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