My Final Idea.

For the project my final idea is to create a short film shadowing my dad working on our family farm. It would link to the theme of ‘every human’ by giving every human that watches it a chance to see what farming/living in the countryside is like. I would also like to sell some prints of still images from the film which could have the films logo on them.

In the film I want to portray what is like to live and work in the Devon countryside during the autumn months. I would like to film on a rainy day as in Devon you do have to farm in the rain, so I feel the rainy nature style as seen in the images below looks great in film. Although I would like the final scene to be my dad sat on the grass, with our three sheep dogs looking at the incredible view from our farm on a nice evening-as seen below.





I really like the cinematic look of this image. I like how the light reflects of the tarmac when wet. I also like the contrast in colour between the man made roads and the tree and grass.rnpzviz

I like the use of depth of field in this image as it draws you attention to the puddles and water droplets falling into them.





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