Saul Bass

As well as creating some amazing logos for huge companies Saul Bass created some amazing title sequences for films. In 1954 Bass was commissioned to create the advertising poster for a film called ‘Carmen Jones’. The filmmakers were so impressed that they invited him to create the title sequence as well. Before Bass, title sequences were static and uninteresting and were considered the most unimportant part of a film. Bass injected life into the titles and made them part of the film.

Bunny Lake is Missing (1965) — Art of the Title from Maksim on Vimeo.

For my film I want to show the films logo at the start but not just to pop up and then fade away; I want the viewer to think “that was cool” just like have done with Bass’s work.

The Youtube video above was created by an amazing filmmaker called Simon Cade. I have watched his videos for a while and been inspired by some of the ideas he has. In the video at 00:04 he has his logo ‘CadeVisuals Video Productions’ appear on the screen when the scooter rider goes past. He has done this by masking the back of the riders leg which is tracked to the point, then as the rider goes past, the logo gradually appears behind their leg. I really liked this idea so have tried to incorporate the effect into my final piece. Below is an experiment of what it could look like. For the real thing I would use the masking technique but for this experiment I used the cropping tool in Adobe Premiere Pro.

My initial ideas was to have the farmer walk through a puddle-this would capture the nice splash sound and make the scene more interesting by having the water ripples. But after looking at the locations around the farmhouse I wanted to shoot at, I realised that at this time of year and with average weather conditions all the puddles are muddle as you can see from the video below. I know I want to show that farming isn’t all driving tractors and combine harvesters etc. but I feel having a really muddy pool of water doesn’t look that visually appealing.



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