Costing my products.

  • From the college print lab, I can get 8×12 prints on photo paper for 90p each.
  • Plastic sleeves. £4.75 for 25 so 28p each.
  • DSLR external microphone (for personal use after project) £130-145

As my product is a film all the money that is made is profit as I am not having to buy materials. Although for my own personal use and to help this product sound amazing I am going to buy an external microphone.

My first thoughts for selling the posters are they you pay £1 or £2 to watch the film and you also get a ‘free’ poster. But because I am a beginner filmmaker and people might not want to pay lots to watch the film. So I am thinking £1 to watch the film, £1.50 for a poster or you can watch the film and get a poster for £2.20.

For people watching the film, all the money is profit.

On the day of the opening, I decided that I would just sell my prints for £3.00 each so would be making a £1.82 profit on each print. I would then display the film in the classroom for everyone to see. I know I could make more money if people had to pay to watch the film, but I feel by doing it this way I will get noticed more easily and people might buy my prints seeing as they have watched my film for free.



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