Film Logo Design.

In my short film I am trying to give non-rural people an insight into what it is like to live as a farmer in the countryside. As I want to keep the film traditional I want to the logo be also. To do this I will use a serif font as they’re easy to read and look old. As a designer I like to swap letters with objects linked to theme that look like them. I the case of farm life I am thinking of swapping the letter ‘i’ with a a ear of barley.


The 1st image above is my drawn logo designs. My favourite designs are the ones on the right but I feel they look like they have leaves of them instead of barley. I like both the finished designs although the first still looks to much like a leaf and the other might be to similar to a design I saw online to be legally my own.

When I asked my peers what they thought about the 1st design, I was told that the spacing between the letters might be a bit big. I was told that the stem on the 2nd designs is overly complicated and should be simpler like the first design.





I know I wanted the final logo to look traditional but I wanted to have look at what a cartoon style logo would look like. I have always know that you can make the letter ‘m’ with the shape of a sheep so I experimented with what it would look like. On the experiments page I experimented with the positioning of the sheep and how the ‘m’ was going to be formed. I like both the final designs and at the moment can’t decided which to choose so I might to a poll. One thing at the moment which I want to change is the colour of the eyes to white as I think it would look better

One of peers when I asked what they thought of my sheep designs said that I might want to rework the M shape as it looks like they have camel humps. I was also told that I should keep the eyes white on the second design.






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