The Film Look.

As I am shooting this film in the countryside and its based on farm life, I want the colours to be very traditional so no over saturated colours. I am also going to make sure my dad doesn’t use any objects that are overly colourful or else this will ruin the look I am going for.

For my film, I am wanting to add a creative filter over the top of the video. I was going through the different filters on Premiere Pro and came across this filter called CineSpace2383sRGB6bit which I thought looked really nice on my country footage.

On my camera, I am using a picture style called CineStyle which improves the camera’s dynamic range by lowering the contrast and saturation which retains lots more detail in the shadows and mid tones which allow editors to me more creative with colour grading. As I am filming outside and I don’t know what the weather will be like throughout the day as it will help the camera with bright skies and dark environments.


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