List Of Shots And Storyboard.

In farming, what you do on a day kind of depends on the weather, so until the day of filming I am unsure of what exactly we will be doing. I know I want to capture checking all the farm animals but the two other activities I don’t know what they exactly be. Speaking to my dad I believe on one of the filming days my parents will be weighing lambs ready for the abattoir. I will also film one other job which could be anything; at the time of shooting, I will consider camera angles and shots I want to get as I go. I would really like it if I could capture something amazing like a cow calving.

Shot 1: Close up shot of a saucer. Newspaper rustling in the background and then slurp of coffee. Then cup is placed on the saucer with nice sound. Finally, sound of chair legs moving.


Shot 2: Wide angle mid shot in pump house of farmer getting changed into work clothes eg. overalls and wellington boots.


Shot 3: Up close shot of welly boot stepping and splashing in a puddle. The gentle sound of wind and footsteps, then splash. Film logo will then appear behind the foot.


Shot 4: Wide shot of farmer walking towards dog kennel through the farm yard.


Shot 5: Extreme close up of hand undoing bolt on the door. Emphasis on the sound of the squeak.


Shot 6:Side on mid shot of dogs rushing out of the kennel. Keep the camera in the same position while hearing footsteps walking away and farmer saying ‘heel you dogs’.


Shot 7: Straight on mid shot of the back of the pickup truck. The farmer moves into the shot from the left and opens the back and says ‘hup’ and dogs jump into the back. (Might add the sound of back shutting then camera cuts.


Shot 8: Mid shot diagonal to the truck. Farmer opens door and gets in.


Shot 9: Low-mid shot of the truck driving off down the farm lane.


Shot 10: Low angle shot of the truck driving out the farm lane-Max 5 seconds.


Shot 11: Over the hedge shot of the truck driving past. Gate over in right corner.


Shot 12: Mid shot of the truck driving through gateway (camera turns) and heading towards cows.


Shot 13: View from inside vehicle. Driving around cows.


Shot 14: Long shot of dogs running around cows. Also extreme close up on cow (maybe chewing grass)

Possible fade to a black screen to show time passing. I don’t want to use a time-lapse because I feel that takes away the effect of traditional filmmaking.


Shot 15: Tilt shot of dogs running towards sheep to round them up.


Shot 16: Two-Three camera shots of quad bike driving around field the following sheep.(Dogs in the back.)


Shot 17: Extreme close up of farmer counting the sheep. Just eyes with a visible jolt of the head to show counting in head.

I don’t know what will be going here. It will all depend on the day. I think it might be weighing lambs and cutting logs but not sure.


Final Shot: Wide shot showing farmer and dogs relaxing on the grass after a long days work.


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