Personal Logo Design



Last year I created the logo above. Even though I like the design graphic design/illustration isn’t the pathway I want to go down anymore, so I feel I need to change my logo.

From looking online at freelance filmmakers logos and looking at those of favorite filmmakers I’ve seen a trend – their all basically typography. I really like Helvetica Black so I want to experiment with using this font in the logo. In typography logos I like it when they use different styles of the same font; an example of this is the Farmhouse Films logo which can be seen here


Above are all the logo designs I have some up with that I like. I wanted to keep my designs simple just like the logos of filmmakers linked above. The top logo I like because I have used a + sign instead of at to convey the message that I will add something amazing to their business if they hire me. I used the font Helvetica as it is a well known reliable font that is very clear and looks professional.

The following three logos are very similar. I really like logos where they use the font weights so I had a look at san serif fonts that look playful and professional. I really wanted the logo to go from one extreme to the other by having a lightweight version of the font, right next to a bold version. The closest I came to this was the bottom design so that is the one I am chosen to use as my logo at this time. The font itself had square edges which I don’t like as I am a bubbly, funny and creative and I think rounder edges represent me more so I curved the edges out a bit. I also didn’t like the flick of the tail of the R so I straightened it out using the anchor points.

Below are experiments of business cards that I would have next to my products at the Design To Sell pop up shop. As I am inspired by nature and the surroundings where I live and want my future job to based on nature and exploring the world, I have used some of my best photos as backgrounds for the cards. I want to have the positioning of the logo and information the same on all of my business cards but I have always loved the idea of having different photos on business cards. Obviously, it wouldn’t be possible to have every business card have a different photo but I would like to have 9-10 photos.



Here are my final designs for my business cards. For some reason, the colours are seeming over saturated online but they won’t be on the real thing.




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