Title Scene after effects work.

As I talked about in the blog post based looking at Saul Bass, I want to create a visually appealing title sequence for my short film. I mention that I wanted to create something along the lines of the title sequence in Simon Cade’s Youtube Video seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe3xfpj05FY.

The version shown below was created with some help from Billy Abbot who is a course lecturer on the Creative Media Productions course at Plymouth Art College. He showed me an easy way of creating the mapping effect I wanted simply by keyframing the cropping effect on the logo. This way shows the logo appearing behind the farmer’s leg but is very rough and if you look closely you can see it doesn’t look as good as if you have done it by using the mapping function on Adobe After Effects.

In the video below I have used the masking technique. The mask tool allows you to limit how much of the image is showing. I used this by having none of the logo visible and then gradually as the boots move I move the position of the mask to the new position of the boot. You can see what I am explaining in the second screen shot.



Overall I really like the effect and I feel that this title sequence will work really nicely in my short film. It isn’t too in-your-face and I think fits nicely into the traditional look I was going for. The video you see above isn’t the final version as the audio wasn’t recorded through my Rode Videomic Pro so the quality isn’t very good. For the final title sequence, I will use the same masking technique shown here.


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