10 Things to do this summer.

1.Choose a favourite body of work from PCA summer show and write down 3 reasons why it’s your favourite.


      2.Fill a match box with things beginning with first initial of your first name.

In my box, I have a euro, ewe, earplug and elastic band.


3.Bake, then record the recipe though film, illustration or photography.

4.Interview a maker/seller.

I interviewed an Australian Artist called Patrick Hawkins who is currently living in Bude, Devon. http://www.patrickhawkins.com.au/

Why art?

Because I enjoyed it very early in life and sensed I had a natural talent. Eventually, I chose to play to my strengths.

What’s your background?

After getting an ‘A’ in GCSE art I went on to get an A-Level. I wanted to try something different at University and studied Film and Video Production. I chose to travel instead of starting a career and slipped into construction work. Around the age of 30, I realised time was getting away from me and I had to make a go of the career that I had always felt was right for me. I’ve been a freelancer ever since.

What do you most enjoy doing?

I most enjoy designing, usually in a science fiction context. I think it takes me back to my childhood. I’d very much like to design for video games or movie props.

What’s the best piece of creative advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep going, keep improving, put the hours in…and keep the standard of your output high, regardless of what you’re being paid, never forget that this started as a hobby so you’d probably be doing it for free anyway.

What’s your favourite medium to work in?

Easy, pencils.

What’s your favourite thing you ever created?

My son!

Where do you find ideas/inspiration for your work?

Usually in the work of other, better artists… there are gazillions of them! I particularly like looking at concept art from movies and video games.

5. Follow 10 new creatives professionals on Instagram.











6.Find out about an exhibition. Go to the exhibition. Draw something at the exhibition.

I didn’t go to an exhibition but I found a lady who lives locally to me in a magazine advertising a weekend where lots of small makers in the Tamar Valley would be opening up their workshops and showing their products. I went to a lady’s house where she makes ceramic leaves, animals and models. She gets all her inspiration from the location where she lives.

 At her house, I sat in her studio and spent just over an hour drawing these two drawings. They are both observational drawings and I feel they came out rather well. Unfortunately, a  fly messed on the left drawing.

7. Photography 10 visually appealing door numbers. 1-10.

I found some really nice door numbers but I felt really uncomfortable going up to peoples doors and taking photographs, so the ones I do have are from fairly far away that’s why they aren’t the best quality.

8. Look up the meaning of ‘Identity Packages’ and make a board of examples on Pinterest.

Identity Packages are a package of everything your brand needs image wise. So logos, business card, front end website design etc.


9. Collage your own name using lettering from waste packaging.


10. Find 4 local design agencies and outline their specialisms.

N9 – Digital and print design for communication.

Shred Creative –  Graphic design, advertisement, print, copywriting, web design.

Purple Motion – Marketing solutions, web design, social media knowledge, merchandise and printing.

Real Fusion – Design, branding, web design, marketing, SEO, PR


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