Popup shop space

In the popup shop, I will be having my own space where I can sell my work.

As people are going to be paying to see the film, I will need a small closed of space for the customer to go into and have a private view of the film. I would also need a small table to put my photographs out on. I want my space to be very clean and simple with only a small amount of photographs out at a time so they can be stacked neatly.


As I have decided to change how my film is going to be viewed I have a new plan for my space. I will need 1 whole table with a Mac on playing my film on a loop. I will then having my prints neatly displayed around it. On the table, I will have a small label that states my name, name of the piece, what it’s about and the price of the photographs. If I had time I would’ve liked to have made some wooden stands to display the photos on.



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