One Million Bones


My partner and I have been given the task of creating a presentation on the social action project know as ‘One Million Bones’. It is a project founded by Naomi Natale, that aims to raise awareness of ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in places like Sudan, Somalia, Burma and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To do this they set the plan of having one million handcrafted bones and installing them in a huge art installation on the National Mall outside The White House in Washington D.C. The project was made possible by lots of people donating money and volunteering their time. The installation was up for three days and has been seen globally.

How this has promoted change and what is set out to change.

It was a project on such a big scale with people all over America getting involved, The project was definitely getting its message out, that we need to get involved as the people of the earth and stop genocides and mass atrocities happening.

The project was made to raise awareness of genocides and mass atrocities and to help everybody aware that these types of things happen in the world every day.



For my project, I could create an installation, not on as bigger scale but maybe the size of a classroom or shop to raise awareness on a certain area. An example of this could be filling a shop window full of rubbish to represent and raise awareness on the amount of waste that the city of Plymouth will throw away that day.


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