The Gay and Lesbian Movement notes.


Gender equality in the 60’s.

Being gay in the 1940-1960 meant people thought you had a disease.

Gay Liberation Front was the name given to a number of gay liberation groups. The first group was formed immediately after the Stonewall riots where police clashed with gay protesters.

A movement that urged gays and lesbians.

The Mattachine society was founded in 1950’s by Harry Hay and a group of his friends. The idea was to have a group to protect and improve the rights of gay men. The group was one of the earliest homophile (gay right) organisations in the United States.

Very few establishments would serve gay and lesbians up to the 1980’s.


1970 was the year that a gay pride parade happened

1973 was the year that being gay or lesbian was not classed as a disease.

1974 first lesbian parliament member

1977 first gay parliament member


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