Previous posters that raise awareness on Global Warming

Here are a few examples of previous posters that I like that raise awareness of global warming.


I really like the sense of humour in this poster. The idea of the corn being heated up and turning into popcorn. I feel somewhat that the use of food draws the viewers attention.


This poster was created by Bhadra Communications an advertising agency from Bangalore, India. I really like the simplicity of the design and the information is really clear. greenpeace-bear-750x520

This poster produced for Greenpeace is very thought provoking as it looks like the polar bear is melting and turning into an ordinary brown bear.


This poster doesn’t have anything to do with global warming but I really liked the work. The use of symbolic hourglass represents time and the animals falling through are the sand. This shows us that over the time the animals are falling through and turning into bones. The design is clutter free and you can see the text easily.


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