Design 1: A Shocking image of skyscrapers under water with possible people on the roofs.

Design 2: Illustration of the earth sweating. The temperature would be shown by a red glow around the outside of the earth.

Design 3: Studio photograph poster showing family around a child with a brand new toy with a pile of waste paper in the background. In this poster, I am trying to show that we need not use lots of paper because lots will be wasted.20170118_133335

Design 4:  Diorama photograph of death junk models. The idea behind the junk models is that they’re known as a craft kids enjoy and with X’s for eyes the models will look unnerving.

Design 5: This poster shows a simple style character riding a bike with earths for wheels. This poster is promoting that everyone can do 1 or 2 simple things to help save the earth.

Design 6: This of Donald Trump clinging onto the Empire State Building with water lapping against the top is 20170118_133339

Design 7: This is a graphical poster showing an alarm clocking sinking to the bottom of the sea. The background is covered in with windows simulating a skyscraper.

Design 8: This poster is along the same lines but the clock has reached the bottom as is sat ringing on the sand (this will be shown with motion lines).

Design 9: Scientist have talked about global warming for age and people are still not taking the actions that needed to stop it. This poster shows a scientist in a futurist submarine and then people around with their hands in the air drowning.  The caption would be along the lines of ‘You should have listened’.


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