Developing thumbnails-WE DID WARN YOU!



This is the first experiment for my We Did Warn You poster. I went for a simple, few colour style and I feel it looks good.


Here is an experiment in the style of John Ed De Vera. I really like the way this has turned out as the waves look more real and it gives the illusion of depth. I didn’t create the glass part of the submarine as I didn’t know how to make the transparent look work. John Ed De Vera’s paperwork is a lot more complex whereas mine is very simple. I could make the design more complex by making different character’s body parts have depth.

The feedback I had from one of my teachers when I should this experiment was; to keep the sculpting neater and to change the look of the scientist because he looks like a child at the moment.


Here is a rework of the scientist – this time I’ve gone for an Albert Einstein look. On the new design, I have reworked the lab coat is the old one was aligned wrongly, I’ve added frizzy grey hair and wrinkles to the face to give an older look.


In this experiment, I have added some extra futuristic technologies to the submarine and added two sun reflections to create the illusion that its made of shiny materials.



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