Developing thumbnails – Do Your Bit!


This poster design is aimed at raising awareness on what everyone can do day to day to save our planet from global warming. If everyone does a small bit to help the planet it might be around for

The character is in the style of Keith Haring. I chose the colour yellow for the character as yellow has connotations of happiness, sunshine and energy which are all things you will get if you cycle to work or school.


Overall I feel my message that everyone can do their bit to help our planet is coming across.


After having a good look at my design, I realised that the seat wasn’t in the position I that right to me. So here I have made the bar under the seat vertical instead of at an angle, I have positioned the seat further forward and slightly changed the shape of the character’s bottom.

do-you-bit-seatback-edited-01-01 In the end, I have settled on a design like this. I change the bar in which the seat is on back to the original design because it didn’t look right being vertical, I’ve also enlarged the seat slightly and moved it back a touch.


On thing that I have been bugging me but didn’t know how to make it look right was the characters right hand. I added a darker rectangle where the gap between the left arm and the handle bar is but didn’t know why it was looking odd. I’ve now added a thumb to make it look more hand shaped and I feel it look good.


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