Where my work will be shown.

poster-in-plymouthAs my final piece is a poster it would be displayed around the city of Plymouth on walls, lamp posts; basically, anywhere people will see them. As my area of social action is based on stopping global warming and one of the biggest places that humans contribute to global warming are in cities so that’s where I will be placing my posters. The isn’t any need to put my posters up in small villages or hamlets because not many people will see it and these are places where global warming isn’t caused as much.

One thing I should’ve looked into, back before creating my posters was the size of common billboards. If I choose the ‘we did warn you!’ poster I can just a more sea at the bottom to make the poster longer, this is the same with the ‘do your bit poster!’ and possibly the ‘time is running out!’ poster with the houses. Although it would be a struggle to do this with the ‘time is running out!’ poster above. In the image above I just use the warp tool and made it fit although this isn’t the way you should to it.



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