Choosing my favourite design.

Out of my four designs, I definitely have my favourite! Firstly, my favourite design is the ‘Do Your Bit!’ posters as I feel the point comes across really well. The design is bold and the colours are eye catching which is great if it was going to be shown on bus stop billboards. The designs at the moment are a4 but can be scaled as their vectors. If the design needs to be larger in height, I will add more blue sky at the top. I had to do this in the image below.


My second favourite design is the ‘We Did Warn You!’ poster. I really like the illustration I did for this design and I feel again the message comes across clearly by the cleanly illustrated design. If this design was going to be shown on a billboard I would lengthen the darkest waves and more the fact down to the very bottom.

The other two designs I like but I feel don’t show the message as clearly as the other two designs do. The fourth designs would be my favourite out of the two as you can see that the houses are completely under water and they looked lived in but with the other design I have been told you can’t 100% make out that it’s a skyscraper.


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