Final Evaluation


For this project, I have a created some work that I am very pleased with. I am a person that strongly believes in equality and looking after the world, so at the start, I had lots of ideas floating around my head of pathways I could choose. My initial routes were racism, general waste/recycling and global warming – these are all things I feel passionately about. I chose to take the global warming route because I feel it is the problem that will get out of control quickly. I didn’t realise until I started researching that it could be easy to slow down the rate at with the earth is warming, everyone just needs to do small bits and that would be enough. Although there are other people that need to look at other options because they’re hugely contributing to global warming.


One thing in this project that I didn’t anticipate was the amount of time that I had to spend on my PPD as stuff got lost, I messed up a few things and the stress of all this got to me and did help my workflow. I was hoping to put everything into this project and come out with a tonne of research, developments, experiments and final outcomes. I have still got these things but I was hoping to concentrate completely on the project. For the final major project, I shouldn’t have anything going on with university as my interviews will be out the way and I will be awaiting results. As for this I will be able to concentrate on the project with all my time for 4 months – which should result in a good grade.


In this project, I attempted a few things differently. As I have started to develop my ideas more and instead of settling on the first design I have looked at created new version with different composition and design tweaks. The past 12 weeks has been the first where I have had 2 projects running along at the same time. The past two weeks have been a sharp learning curve as I realised I left my portfolio to the last minutes and had this project to do so I was very stressed with the work load. This has taught me that I need to use a time plan more effectively as the time plan I put together at the start of the project I didn’t stick – this was due to other things going on that I didn’t take into account.


In this project, I haven’t learnt many new skills or techniques but I have improved in terms of workflow in Adobe Illustrator. I have also proved to myself that I am not as bad at drawing as I thought and I can create decent designs and show ideas through thumbnails. In this project, I have been aiming to get better at my design process. Now in terms of equipment I am carrying around a small field notes sketchbook so I can record ideas for logos or designs whenever they strike. I have been told lots of times that pencil a paper is best medium for getting down ideas but sometimes I just jump straight into the computer and start creating.


Throughout the project I have been asking lecturers and peers to look at my designs. The feedback I got most of the time was great. The people I asked to see my message through the designs immediately which showed that they worked. Something that’s been annoying and great at the same time is how differently people view my work. One person might say to develop one way and another people another way. This helped me create a load of different possible outcomes for the ‘DO YOUR BIT!’ poster.


In my next project, I will aim to manage my time more effectively and try to stick to a time plan so I don’t end up with having lots of work to do in the last few weeks. I still want to improve my development skills as I feel I don’t develop my TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Posters enough I just left them like they were because I wasn’t that keep on the concept. To do this I will seek help and points on how I can develop them further.


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