Project proposal plan/outline of project

This was a plan of my project proposal when I was running with the idea of creating my own made up food/drinks company from the South west of England. I didn’t end up doing this idea, as I found an actual client and used their company instead of creating my own.

The subject and context behind your project.

For this final project, I will create a West Country food or drinks brand and design its full identity package. This could include a logo, business cards, product packaging, banners and uniform designs. The companies aim will be to create fresh, amazingly good tasting food that will be sold at farmers markets, agricultural shows and festivals.

Who is your intended audience?

If I choose to create a drinks company, the alcoholic beverages with be aimed at adults who like locally sourced food and drink and go to farmers markets looking for new fresh new things. In general, I intended to aim at families who love the experience of going to a farmers market by seeing the fresh seasonal colours, taking in the smells from the mouth watering goods and sampling what’s to offer.

The quality of research you gather (about everything from subject to skills).

Here is a list of things I intend to research.

  • The “history” behind my made up client.
  • How to display an identity package.
  • What an identity package should include.
  • How to correctly design product packaging.
  • Other graphic designers that create brand identities.
  • How to take food/drink photography i.e. Lighting setups, texture backgrounds.
  • How the design effects customers minds? The science of advertising.
  • Size, measurements for packaging.
  • Do market research. Google Forum. Questions could include: What do you buy at a farmers/food markets? What part of farmers/food markets do you like? How much would you spend at a farmers/food markets? 

In a peer crit session, I was told to look at logos/brand identities for food/drink companies from other countries. I was also told to look at big brands design identities.

How you plan, manage, produce an ambitious project?

For this project, I will need a fairly clear time plan which will help me understand what I am doing and when it needs to be done by. As my project is going to be big, I will have 3-4 weeks to research and create initial sketches/thumbnails and will leave about 6-8 weeks for experimenting, developing and curating. There will be certain elements which I will have to of completed before I can do others i.e. choosing colours schemes before I can start designing.



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