Appy Fizz – Sagmeister & Walsh

It was pointed out to me in a group critique session of my FMP proposals, that my proposed project was too safe and is playing to my strengths too much and that I should be more adventurous.

An example of a design studio taking corporate branding to the next level is Sagmeister & Walsh. They are a design firm based in New York who brand identities, commercials, websites, apps and films. Their work always isn’t the ordinary and is fresh, excited and has never been done before in the same way they do it.

Below is a product created by Parlé Agro in 2005 called Appy Fizz, which was India’s first sparkling apple juice drink. They hired Sagmeister & Walsh to create the brand identity and as you can see it looks amazing. At first, you might not understand the designs but after reading online you will find out that idea behind these incredible circles and sphere represent the experience of the carbonated drink touching your tongue and taste buds. I really like how they haven’t just gone with what other designers might have done and use apples at the forefront of the design, instead, they’ve thought about what makes Appy Fizz different from ordinary apple juice and obviously it’s the fizzy feeling and taste you experience.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.41.42

I really like how abstract the designs are and how they have thought about the feelings you get when you taste the product and how they have incorporated this into the branding identity. I find the colour palette interesting, as you don’t usually think of black and white linking to apples but by some way, it really works. The use of halftone is great as when the circles get smaller it looks like the bubbles rising through the glass.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.47.45


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.55.13.png


Here is Appy Fizz’s Instagram and as you can see they’ve covered it in the work created by Sagmeister & Walsh.

In terms of my project, I would like to think about what makes Cornish Country Cordials different and what you feel, think and experience when drinking their beverages. Obviously, something so abstract wouldn’t work at a farmers market – even though it would stand out a mile, but I can still create something fresh, exciting and new that hasn’t been done to death like the logos on the logo mood board I posted last week.


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