Talk about my propsal – FMP.

Yesterday I sat down with 2 lecturers and some other students and I talked about my proposed idea for my FMP. My idea is to create a brand identity package for a food or drinks company from the South West of England which will include a logo, website design, uniform designs, product packaging and market stall graphics. I showed the group the two mood board’s I created and had some very good points raised about my idea.

One of the main points that my lecturer raised was that he thought my idea was too safe for me, I would find it boring and would be able to complete the work in 1 month. He also said that the style I was originally going to go for has been done to death and I should experiment and create something big that hasn’t been done before. The reason why I chose the certain style was that I know it works with the type of audience I would be targeting but I understand what was said and I will try to create something fresh and interesting. I was shown a branding package designed by Sagmeister & Walsh for Parlé Agro’s ‘Appy Fizz’ which I will do another blog post on but it made me think that you don’t always have to go with running trends in design and you can go off and create something new, exciting and experimental that will work just as well.

Something which I plan to do that was mentioned is to meet with the lady who runs the company, talk to her and get as much information about the company as possible. I should even take a camera and capture the setting where the products are created to get inspiration. I am not a huge fan of the companies name as it’s hard to say and there are better names for her business and I was told that I could tell her and offer to find a better fitting name. As it is a family friend’s company, I am not thinking about asking to change the name!

Overall the group talk was very useful and it has helped me think of ways I can develop my idea further.



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