Meeting with Sally – the founder of Cornish Country Cordials

Yesterday (18th March), I went to see the founder of Cornish Country Cordials ‘Sally’, to ask questions, see where the cordials are made and discuss what we are going to do with this project. As from now, I only have 16 weeks left on this project, I want to only create the most important parts of the branding package as I would rather create a smaller amount of a higher standard product for the client.

While talking to her, I was writing down notes and I will now write them out properly below.

When did you start Cornish Country Cordials?

Between 2010 and 2011, there were a tremendous amount of apples around and everyone was giving them away. Sally went to Waitrose and looked at drinks and not many people were making juice at the time – this was a gap in the market that see wanted to get into.

Why did you start Cornish Country Cordials?

I saw a gap in the market and I wanted to make something with purely sugar and no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives which be good for children. As there weren’t any other competitors in the local area, we got invited to shows quickly.

What is your target market?

Originally the target market was children but people kept saying that it was too good to give to them so drank it themselves. The majority of people that buy my cordials are ladies between the ages of 20-35 who usually buy them to mix in cocktails or other alcoholic drinks.

As the products are basically fruit drinks the market is rather large. Other markets include local people who know about the company, retailers and tourists who want to try a bit of Cornwall or take it with them. I’ve also been to wedding fairs and after a couple failed attempts am now I am receiving orders. The cordial aren’t cheap, but for special occasions people don’t mind as they taste amazing.

What do you want Cornish Country Cordials to become?

I want Cornish Country Cordials to continue to grow as a business and possibly become as big as Cornish Orchards or Tarquin’s Gin. As I am getting older now, I want to employ staff to do more of the making and I will concentrate on sales. I used to go to lots of farmers market but I don’t feel that is the root to go as people only buy cordials at the end once they’ve done the rest of their shopping. At food and county shows this year, I would like to start pushing the takeaway drinks as they worked well at the Royal Cornwall show in 2015/16.

What are the core values/ethos of Cornish Country Cordials?

At Cornish Country Cordials we have a few strong values that we go by. Firstly, we don’t use any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives as we want our cordials to be as healthy as possible. We also use as much locally sourced fruit and veg as possible in our cordials as it’s a way of also helping other local business who might not have a business otherwise. We also use second class fruit and veg in our cordials, as it’s still as good as the first class stuff but might be disfigured or too small to sell and would be thrown out. Finally, we want our products to be something that people would like to make themselves so they are simple or uncomplicated.

Other information I got from the interview.

  • Our cordials don’t contain any gluten, wheat, nuts etc. so we are clear of everything in a legal sense.
  • We have the phrases ‘Country Cordials’ and ‘Proper Squash’ trademarked to our business.
  • People aren’t just using the cordials as drinks anymore they’re also using them in food.

After I had asked some questions to Sally, we then had a talk about what sort of things we were going to produce doing this project. Some of the ideas I had had already, but some of the ones she suggested got me excited.

Here was her list of suggestions:

  • Designs for a new exhibition stand.
  • New logo.
  • New clothing designs.
  • A short film of how cordials are made.
  • New labels/packaging.
  • Product photography.

Here is a list of things I want to create.

  • A new style of the business.
  • Designs for a new exhibition stand. Could include banners and TV showing film.
  • New logo.
  • New clothing designs.
  • A short film of how cordials are made.
  • New labels/packaging (this could include food photography).
  • Design an existing leaflet she has.
  • New website design (currently can only do basic HTML and CSS).





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