Market Research.

The other day, I went to a farm shop where Country Country Cordials’ cordials are sold, to have a look at the branding of some of the competitors.

These drinks companies above aren’t so much competitors, as they make different types if drinks, although they are companies from the local area that could branch of into the soft drinks and become competitors in the future.


The biggest competitor Cornish Country Cordials have would probably have to be Luscombe Drinks, who are a Devon based that make organic soft drinks using fruit that are grown on their own farms and fruit from around the SouthWest or abroad – where ever the best tasting fruit is!

Luscombe Drinks are very similar to Cornish Country Cordials as they care so much about what they make and passion for good products pushes them to make more. You might have already noticed, but Luscombe visually looks quite a lot alike Cornish Country Cordials with the white labels, an image of the fruit in the middle, the flavour of the cordial at the bottom,  company name/logo at the top and ingredients/information wrapping it around the sides.


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