Branding – Robot Food


Formerly Panda Pops, but due to criticism from health-conscious mums for being too sugary, Panda Drinks is a soft drinks company whose products are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 8. The initial branding wasn’t visually suitable for the consumer as it looked cheap and unhealthy. The new branding created by Robot Food, on the other hand, is simpler which contribute to a more professional feel. The new look is refreshing and healthier with a sea of cerulean blue also having connotations of being beneficial for your body – choices being possible influenced by receiving new ‘natural’ credentials. The aim of the new branding wasn’t just to appeal to children, but to also get the message out that Panda Drinks have changed to being more healthier for young ones.

The new branding certainly appeals to children, as the newly designed panda illustration across the branding, has a style that is playful and humorous – the fun mascot could further be used in tv adverts and online interactive advertising. As well as a new mascot, the newly improved logo features a cleaner, healthier looking and neatly handcraft typeface that is easier to read than its predecessor. In terms of the colour palette used, the mascot shows up nicely against the orange and cerulean blue sea and the choice of ivory for the label background is perfect as it doesn’t clash with any of their drink colours, also ivory has connotations of calmness, sophistication.

Something small which I noticed but think was important was the orange juice droplets flying out of the orange on the packaging below. I feel this is contributing to the new healthier image for the company as you are seeing the oranges that are used are full of pure natural orange juice and flavour.





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