What is the problem I am trying to solve?

Before I go any further with this project, I really need to take a minute and think about what problem Cornish Country Cordials (CCC) is currently having and how I am going to overcome this for them.

Cornish Country Cordials, were and currently are still a small business that sells their products at a few independent stores around the Tamar Valley. When I went and spoke to the proprietor Sally, she said that she would like her business to become as big as current drink manufacturing companies from the South-west like Cornish Orchards and Tarquin’s Gin. Currently, their branding doesn’t look like the branding of an established company and I want to make it look that way.

The branding CCC currently has, works as the branding for a new company but as the company is 6 years old, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.IMG_5163

When analysing the current branding, here are a list is things I don’t like and need to change.

  • The use of google images on the packaging always makes a company look new and lacking experience.
  • Overall boring design with no real personality. You can tell the labels have been created in word as there very flat and lack the ability to pop out on a shop shelf.
  • Small but major in my eyes is the small apple logo on the right side. Just the way it isn’t transparent makes the whole branding look unprofessional.
  • I feel every different flavour of cordial should have something else different on the packaging rather than just a different image and name.
  • I feel the packaging and layout also looks cheap seeing as I can tell it was created in word.

Having said all of this, I do feel that all of the points I have raised kind of add to the homemade feel, that most of the time is spent creating something that tastes amazing not on designing the packaging. Although again, if the company is to become bigger than it currently is, it must look bigger than it currently is.


Seeing as the main buyers are women between 20-40, I feel a more elegant design, handcraft feel may work well. As it is bought and mixed with prosecco and other alcoholic drinks maybe a bubbly design might work rather well. I will have to confirm with Sally the proprietor, which target market see want the business to be aimed at. If she says that she wants the business to target multi-markets, then maybe we should create a few different groups of cordials with different markets.


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