How to target women in marketing?

As I am designing branding that will be aimed towards women, I guess I should research into how to market a product to them. After some brief research, I can see that it isn’t that simple and lots of companies at the moment, aren’t marketing correctly to women.

Marketing strategies to sell to women used to to be, “just add a bit of pink!”, but nowadays people are starting to understand it’s a lot more complicated than that. Women play a huge role in the buying process, as they make up a majority of overall home and business expenditure. (Lenka Istvanova, 2017)

  • 75% of women are responsible for shopping in their households
  • 68% of QR code users are female
  • Mums are online (via computer or mobile) for about 6 hours a day
  • Women spend 40% more time on social networks than men

(Lenka Istvanova, 2017)

Here are three golden rules for effectively targeting women in marketing.

  • Understand the target audience like the back of your hand. Having knowledge on your demographics interests, needs, habits is key to creating good advertising.
  • Women like to be talked to, not talked at! For us women, building relationships are the Holy Grail, and we expect you to treat us like we are your friends. Tescos’s have proven that having a conversation with their target market is much more beneficial than just using monologue.(Lenka Istvanova, 2017)
  • You must be able to speak in their language. If your target market is women aged 20-40, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a male copywriter who is 60 that doesn’t know how to speak like a 20-40-year-old woman.

(Lenka Istvanova, 2017)

Technology plays a huge factor in what women might buy, as they spend 8% more time online than men and spend 80% more time social networking than men.

The brand experience for women.

As I said earlier it used to be “If it’s got the colour pink on it, women will like it!” now, on the other hand, women require rich brand experiences and like to be treated like friends rather than just a consumer. Women want to buy a product that will change their lives in some way.  56% of Women also advocate brands if they’ve had a great experience whereas men usually only speak about brands if they’re asked.


As Cornish Country Cordials main consumer market are the middle-class woman between the ages of 20-40, it would probably be a very good idea to think about what sort of things the market would do, how they live and how they use our product.

  • Might work 9am-5pm in a well-paid job: Account, Teacher, Doctor, Nurse etc.
  • Love to relax in the evening after work.
  • Like to treat them.
  • Like to drink healthier drinks.

How can I attract the target market? 

Here is a list of ideas of ways I can attract women by creating a relationship between the customer and Cornish County Cordials.

  • Make leaflet a conversation instead of stating a load of information on the page.

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