Niche Tea – Packaging design.

Back along, I was told in a peer critique session by my lecturer that he thought the style of branding I was going to make was too safe and easy. At first, I didn’t like what he said but now I agree and am excited to try new styles, take risks and be experimental.

Niche tea – founded by Amanda Miles in 2015, is a herbal tea company from London, England that specialise in teas that act as remedies. Over a number of years, Niche Tea have researched global herbal techniques and explored over 130 tea estates to create a collection of teas designed to improve hair, skin, sleep, energy and digestion. The five types of tea that they have at the moment are shown below and are Mind Tea, Body Tea, Skin Tea, Hair Tea, Cleanse Tea and Sleep tea. (IWANT design, 2017)


IWANT a creative branding & communications agency from East London produced the visually exciting branding for Niche Tea. They specialise in creating brands, art direction, packaging, environments, digital, illustration and image making.(Iwantdesign, 2017) Their key ethos is to create a functional beautiful design, bursting with personality that engages and excites.


The typography based logo gets all the information across in a simple yet functional design. The name is presented nicely in bold while the slogan is a normal weight in a circle around it.


Colours used

As the product inside the packaging is incredibly good for you, the design on the outside has to be just as good looking and connote healthy wellbeing. Three main colours that are constantly used throughout the branding are blue, orange and pink. Blue has connotations of wisdom, intelligence, truth, and heaven. It’s also considered beneficial to the mind and body as it slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Dark blue is also used in the design and is associated with expertise and stability (color wheel pro, 2015) which again are points that Niche Tea want you to know about their business. Orange is a very happy colour and is associated with joy, the sunshine, and the tropics.(color wheel pro, 2015) Pink is a colour that has connotations of sweet, nice, playful, cute, feminine, and tenderness – it is also the colour of universal love of oneself. All the colours used throughout the branding are very positive, friendly – and contrast each other in a good way.


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