Two interesting/inspirational packaging designs.

MILKO – Giovani Flores


Giovani Flores is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator currently studying Graphic Design at UNESP which is one of the six universities of the Brazillian state of São Paulo.

This piece of work was for a project based on developing typography skills. The proposal was to design a lettering piece to be applied in a package containing some kind of liquid. Flores decided to create a collection of some cold milk bottles with a handmade font for the logo.(Behance, 2017) The patterns and the lettering were made using Illustrator and the presentation and composition at Cinema4D.

He also created some interesting designs for the packaging background with brightly coloured shapes and patterns. Even though the designs don’t have anything to do with milk and I believe are just there to make the render look more interesting, I feel something like this with bright colour and shapes that could show emotions would work nicely on the packaging of Cornish Country Cordials.

Some things which I have learnt from looking at this work is that when designing a typeface, the outcome doesn’t always have to be handwritten style, you can, in fact, create typefaces that are very experimental. I am now thinking about creating my own typeface for Cornish Country Cordials instead of choosing one I like off the internet.


FIOL Prosecco – Plus Minus

Fiol is a group of friends, wine enthusiasts, in love with Italy and Italian wines, with a passion for Prosecco. They live and travel around the world and they all came to the conclusion that nothing out there truly embodied what Prosecco is for them. FIOL is their way to fill that gap and to bring this experience to customers globally.(Fiol, 2017)

In 2013, Fiol got in contact with Swiss design agency Plus Minus asking them to create the branding for the new Prosecco company. The Brief was to create elegant and fashionista packaging and a logo that also communicate the high quality of the Prosecco from the brand FIOL.(PlusMinus, 2013)


I personally love the logo and the way the idea was generated. From three simple pieces of inspiration; grape vines, fashion poses and architecture, the idea of 5 vertical wavy lines is brilliant and really works in the context, seeing as the brief was to create designs showing elegance in a simple yet interesting way.

Logo Experimentsfiol_prosecco_plus_minus_audric_henri_dandres_sketch

Finished Logo Designfiol_prosecco_plus_minus_audric_henri_dandres_logotype

Limited Edition Bottle Designs.presentazione_tesi (dragged) 56

What initially caught my eye on Behance were these limited edition prosecco bottles. I really like the patterns even though they are simple and aren’t overly original, I mainly like how each bottle works well when shown in a group, which is what I want when all the Cornish Country Cordial bottles are shown next to each other on a trade stand.


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