Sincelo – Portuguese Ice Cream Company Branding

For my project, I have been advised to look at and create more experimental branding instead of sticking with the Cornish style of branding that has been used to death by other food and drinks brands.

Below is an incredibly designed branding packaging created by This Is Pacifica for this Portuguese ice cream shop Sincelo based in Porto, Portugal.

Sincelo was founded in 1980 and since then have created true Porto ice cream. In the past 35 years, they had been the go to ice cream shop in Porto where parents and grandparents took their children to enjoy the best ice cream. Although as of recent, Porto has increased in popularity as a tourist destination, so more ice cream stores have popped up causing Sincelo’s business to decrease and almost have to close their doors.

As the company was quickly being outplayed they knew it was time for a rebrand. They contacted This Is Pacifica who are a design agency based in Porto, Portugal and asked them to help them. The team were given the task of creating a new life cycle, restoring the brand and its legacy and giving it a new graphical and visual breath to product excellence.(This Is Pacifica, 2015)

Sincelo is a Spanish word that translates to ‘sincere’ in English which means ‘saying what they genuinely feel or believe’. (Google Translate, 2017) I feel this name was a perfect choice for a company that produces top quality, made in the original method ice cream and truly believe that’s how it should be done.


As the company back in 2015 was being overshadowed by newer ice cream companies, the main focus had to of been creating a bold and eye-catching new style, that would make customers interested in trying their ice cream over other’s ice cream. The bright yet not overly saturated colour palette features elegant, ice cream colours that work lovely together.  new logotype features a bold, traditional style serif font

To go along with the new colour scheme and art style, the new logotype features a bold, traditional style serif font that would appeal to middle-class tourists that would be visiting Porto and in an off black colour sits boldly in front of the background design. Each individual character has lovely elegant rounded portions along with sharper detailed bits



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