How are the brands I’ve looked at going to influence my final outcome?

The initial idea for my project was to create a rebrand for a Cornish food/drinks company. I was going to look at current food/drinks/clothing companies and create branding heavily influence by the Cornish branding style – as seen below.


When I went over my idea with my lecturer in a group crit session, he said that he thought my idea was too safe. By safe me meant he thought I wouldn’t be challenging myself and I could very easily create something in no time that looked great in that style. A third year Falmouth University student that was on a placement for a week, at the end of the session told me to go and have a look at a company called Appy Fizz that had had an incredible rebrand done by Sagmeister & Walsh. The rebrand included a whole new look that was based around what you taste and the feelings you get when you drink Appy Fizz a fizzy apple juice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.47.45

Just after this group crit session, I decided to email Sally Harvey the owner of Cornish Country Cordials offering to rebrand her company and she said yes. Knowing that Sally’s cordials were full of flavour already, the idea of creating branding that was influenced by the taste of the fruity cordials starting whizzy around my head and branching off and filling my head with ideas.

After making the decision to create a new brand identity that was based on the flavours you taste when you drink the CCC’s cordials, I began looking at artists. The first brand I looked at was Niche Tea, a remedy tea company from London. Their packaging designs really made me start to think about having a different background design for each cordial and just keeping the same text and logo the same on each label. I liked Niche Tea’s packaging as each of the designs somewhat relates to where the remedy is going to help, colour and shape wise. For example, the remedy tea for your skin featured a solid pink background with I would think represented your skin and with blue paint brush marks all over which I guess symbolises your skin being refreshed by the tea.


I then went and looked at Sincelo, an Ice cream company from Portugal. What made me look into Sincelo was the experimental designs of the brand, with the shapes, patterns and colours being the part that attracted me. I liked the simplicity of the designs and how the new type fitted really well with the colourful abstract designs.


Milko was a made up milk company I came across when scrolling through Behance. The handmade type was the main part the designer was showing not the background, although I liked the look of the shapes and colours and thought the whole design worked really well together. The designer created the logotype himself and this was where I started to think about creating a handwritten style logo for the money instead of a logo with a font I got on the internet.


Fiol was the same was Milko, I just stumbled across it online. The reason why I chose to look as Fiol was again that it had some really interesting designs on the packaging. I liked the way the bottles look elegant even though they are very busy visually. Cornish Country Cordials make premium products just like Fiol so both would need premium looking packaging to attract their consumer. It was great to see that you can make busy packaging designs look elegant, which was what I thought might not work.

presentazione_tesi (dragged) 56

So to conclude, the brands and designs I’ve looked at are going to influence my work by pushing it towards creating packaging that visually communicates the taste and feelings you experience when drinking Cornish Country Cordial’s cordials.


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