Narrowing My Ideas.

Currently, my head is full of ideas for this project but now we are almost half way through, so it’s time to decide on a final path which I can then develop from.

20170414_190931.jpgMonday 15th May

At the beginning of the project, when I first met with Sally the owner of Cornish Country Cordials, we sat down and came up with a list of elements of the new branding packaging I could create for this project. At the time people in my class mentioned that I was taking on a lot in the project and questioned if I had enough time to complete the whole list of branding packaging elements – I thought I did!

Now that we have only 4 weeks left, I can see that I definitely don’t have time to complete all the elements I set out to create, so I am going to have to decide on the most important ones which Sally agrees is best, as we want an excellent quality project to display at the final end of year show.

I am currently finalising the logo design stage and have lots of logos, some which I really like and feel fit the target market well. With only 4 weeks left, my main priority is to ensure I have the new logo, packaging and uniforms done and then if I have time I can do a new leaflet and possibly the website designs. At the start of the project, the new trade-stand designs and short “food-porn” film were somewhat extras anyway that we could create if we had time.

So here is a list of things I need to do in the next 4 weeks on the making side

  • Finish the logo designs and choose the final design.
  • Finish packaging for the five main cordials.
  • Create new website mockups. Could design the real thing if I get around to taking the photographs of the cordials with new labels.
  • Screen printing the new logo onto chosen apron or t-shirt.


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