Watercolour Research – Experiments For Possible Design Ideas.

I have always really liked the looks of flowing watercolour artwork, so for this project, I am thinking of creating packaging artwork that visually describes the taste of each cordial and I feel this medium could really work in this situation.  One of the great things about watercolour is that every outcome can be different as you don’t have full control of the medium which can make for some great experiments.watercolour.png

Here is a mood board featuring a bunch of packaging designs that use watercolour in the design.

Over the next few days, I want to experiment with watercolour and see what designs I can create.

Watercolour is such an interesting medium as there are so many ways it can be used. As I want each flavour’s packaging to visually describe the taste of each cordial, having so many ways of making different designs, it’s really exciting and will allow me to create visually interesting designs. As with all mediums, I can apply the watercolour with different materials to create cool textures and marks.

Here is a list of techniques. I might like to use these in my experiments.

A flat wash is the most simple watercolour technique. A wash can be created by wetting the area of the paper you want the wash to be and then applying the right amount of pigment to cover the whole area.


 Glaze is again a straightforward technique that involves layering a second thin coat of pigment over the top of the dry existing wash. This technique can be used to add depth to an image by making the background image look out of focus or lighter – it can also be used to adjust the colour of the underlying watercolour.


Wet in wet is quite simply applying wet pigment onto wet paper. The resulting effect varies as you can’t have any control over how the pigment spreads – you may find you get soft undefined shapes or slightly blurred marks. Wet in wet can be applied on top of other watercolour provided it is completely dry.

dropping in colour

Dry Brush is pretty much the opposite of wet in wet and is used to create clear and sharp lines. To produce the dry brush effect, you simply load a brush with pigment with not a huge amount of water and paint it over a completely dry page.

dry brush

The Lifting Off effect is exactly what is says; lifting paint off the paper. Once your watercolour work is dried, you can lift the paint off by wetting the area you want to lift and then dabbing a dry brush or tissue over the are you can begin to remove the paint.

lifting off

Dropping In Colour is as simple as applying pigment to a wet area of paper. By placing pigment onto a wet area, the pigment will bleed and feather out into unpredictable forms.

wet on wet

This video demonstrates using watercolours to create interesting flowing designs that look incredible but might be too over the top for my project. I really like how she uses the really wet pigment as the finished texture, I feel it almost looks like it’s been painted with delicious cordials.

The video above will be really useful to see new techniques and tips for creating colourful watercolour designs. Most of the tips are very basic but as my watercolour skills aren’t great this will be perfect to help me improve.

After watching these interesting Youtube videos, I starting experimenting.


These first lot of experiments I liked and were almost just to consider different ideas but they didn’t have the style I had in mind for the packaging. After looking at them again, I now realise that they look too dry and don’t have the wet look I wanted.20170525_144848

From here on I started to use a lot more water to achieve the wet on wet kind of look that I had imagined and seen on watercolour packaging. I had some great help from one of my peers who is very good with watercolours and she mentioned that I should apply a large amount of water to the paper first then apply wet pigment and that would produce the blended wet on wet style I wanted.20170525_14481320170525_144843

This experiment is somewhat what I want the final design to look like.20170525_144804

Overall I love the way my watercolours experiments turned out and I can’t wait to see what they will look like on my labels.


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