Screen Printing Aprons

One element I am creating for the Cornish Country Cordials rebrand is a new apron design. I was planning on either stitching or ironing my logo onto aprons but since I have already researched and experimented with screen printing, I have decided to screen print the logo onto the aprons.


Cornish Country Cordials previous aprons were rather strange as they were a battleship grey colour and featured the old logo, which was an outline of an apple with the Cornish flag inside. They also featured the companies slogan ‘Proper Squash’ – which I haven’t used in the rebrand, as I don’t feel it suits the language of their target audience.

screen print

My new redesign for the apron consists of a black apron with white logo in the centre of the chest. The reason why I have chosen a black and white colour scheme is that the brand itself doesn’t consist of anything that signifies that they’re crafted in Cornwall except the word Cornish on the logo.


Back along when I created the logo, I briefly experimented with the positioning of the logo on the aprons and felt that the central position looked the best with a logo that was structured in a triangular shape. Now that I had decided on the position of the logo, I still had the problem if deciding on the size of the logo. I knew from the experiments above that I wanted the logo to not be too big and not too small, so to get the right size, I printed off a few different sizes and held them to my chest so I could see what the size would be on the aprons. The size that was just right was roughly just smaller than A5.


Once I had the design sorted, I placed the logo at the right size on an A4 sheet in Illustrator and printed it on acetate. I then got a design technician to put my design onto a silk screen so I could start printing the following day.



The first print I did didn’t come out like I wanted it to. Unfortunately, the print studio I was working in had run out of Super White Binder, so I had to go and buy some more. Sadly at the shop, I was given just white binder which wasn’t what I had asked for and doesn’t have as much pigment which is what I needed for printing on my aprons. We didn’t realise this until we had printed onto the first apron.20170609_154752

As you can see the logo looks more of a light blue rather than a bold white.20170609_154819

These are the two inks; the top being the white binder and the bottom being the super white binder. As it was my first time on my own doing screen printing, I didn’t have a clue that there were two types of white screen printing ink. Luckily someone had too much super white binder so managed to spare me some. Once the art technician saw the two inks, she quickly realised that I had been given the wrong one by the shop keeper.20170609_155137

So I washed off the screen and started on a new apron, although this time used the Super White Binder I had been given my another student and as you can see the outcome is superb. The logo is sharp, very readable and the white on black looks great.


Overall, I could have possibly made the design slightly bigger, but to be honest I think it looks great the way it is. The only thing I slightly dislike is that I didn’t align the design completely in middle vertically as it is slightly off centre. I really like the white logo on black apron as it looks classy and professional.


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