Business Cards – Development and final piece.

 To go along with the new labels and apron, I decided to create some business cards as well. Business cards were a good idea to create as they could possibly get some more business for the client when displayed at the summer show as potential clients take them away and contact the supplier at a later date.

20170616_152526 (1)

I wanted to design business cards that look elegant by having a minimal amount of clutter on. I wanted the logo on one side and a brief description of the company and website address on the back. I did have a look at having the business cards vertical rather than horizontal but I feel it looks silly as you don’t see many vertical business cards, so I went with the simple and traditional layout.Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 14.57.56

My initial idea was to have the business cards very similar to labels, but as I had so many different label background designs, I wasn’t sure which to choose. I don’t know if many companies do this, but my idea was to have five different business cards all with different backgrounds, that would be shuffled together. I thought this idea was strange although I have seen illustrators and other artists business cards in this way.  I liked the idea but I felt the business cards didn’t look as good as the labels in the same style as they look odd and needed to be simpler. The one good thing about those designs was that they stood out a mile.Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 14.50.14

A peer suggested that I put the texture inside the logo and text instead of a fill. I did this by using the create outlines tool in Illustrator for the text and a using the object – pattern tool to create the texture and then adding the texture as a fill to the logo and text. I much prefer these designs as they still contain the textures that have backed the whole brand but in a simple form.

As with the labels, I didn’t know if I was going to have any problems printing the cards, luckily everything went fine. I had thought of printing out each side of the business cards separately and then sticking them onto cereal box card but that isn’t very professional and I want my display at the final show to look good.


I came up with the idea of arranging the business cards, as seen in the image above, with the fronts aligned to the left and the backs aligned to the right. All I had to do then was print the design on both sides of a piece of white card and I would have business cards.


As you can see it worked well, except for the fact that the printer printed it slightly out of line, so you can see a tiny bit of the black line around the edges.


Overall, I am very happy with the business cards as they look professional and have the watercolour design element I wanted the whole brand identity to have. To be honest, I like the way it’s turned out so much I wonder if I should have tried this kind of style for the labels as these look professional and have the elegant factor I wanted.


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