End of year show – Display Ideas.

As we aren’t just creating a final piece and handing it in we are, in fact, showing our final pieces to the general public, it’s important I take some time and think about how I want to display my work at the final show. This is a wonderful opportunity for us, as we are able to get our name out there in the design community free of charge.

Along with printing my apron for the show, I need to print out the business cards and print the labels to go onto the bottles. As we had a problem printing the labels where they wouldn’t come out the right size, I had to make do with printing them on high-quality photo paper and sticking them on with double-sided sticky tape.

My initial layout idea for my end of year show was to have a small space next to a wall with a white wooden box roughly chest height in front of it. I would then have my apron hung from the wall behind the box, with the logo about eye level and the bottles and business cards neatly displayed on the box.


Unfortunately, there weren’t anymore display boxes when I went to set up, as the ones that my course had been given had already been taken. Instead, I managed to get myself some table space.


As you can see in the image below, I decided to try using a glass stand we found, with a light underneath. We placed the bottles on top of the stand and the light underneath lit up the cordials inside which looked interesting and made them stand out. We placed the apron to the left and laid the business card neatly in front, some showing the front and others the back,  so people could see both sides designs.20170623_090654

Unfortunately, as there wasn’t enough space for everyone, we had to each take up less space. What I did was simply moved my apron in front of the glass stand and moved all the business cards up next the bottles – again with some face-up and others face-down.


Overall I liked how my exhibit was displayed, but would have obviously liked to have had my original idea of a box next to a wall to be the final display, as I feel it would have looked more professional and cleaner than what I ended up having.


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