Final Evaluation

For this FMP, we got to write our proposal and choose what our project was based on. I had a few initial ideas but ran with my favourite which was to rebrand a made up drinks company which quickly changed to become a live client called ‘Cornish Country Cordials’. The rebrand originally was going to include new label designs, uniforms, business cards, website and a short film, which I quickly noticed was going to be too much to do so cut some things out – I did this to ensure I had an outcome that I was pleased with.

The experience of rebranding a company has been interesting due to having no prior experience with branding. I enjoyed have the contact with the client and discussing what we could do to move the project further, although getting my logos critiqued was interesting as she didn’t choose the logo I thought was best but obviously, I had to go with what the client wanted. This was a good experience overall as this is what it would be like when working for a real client. I do wish I had come to the decision of rebranding CCC a week or two earlier, as I feel I left the decision to late and could have done more work in the time I wasted.

My original idea was to rebrand the company in a Cornish style so I looked at existing Cornish brands, although it was suggested that I try something more challenging, rather than going with a style that is used a lot. The whole idea for my designs came from a rebrand I was told to look at called Appy Fizz, which was based on the feelings you get on your tongue when you drink them. I decided to take this idea and base my whole designs on the flavours of the cordials Cornish Country Cordials create. As I am passionate about local fruit drinks and branding I found this project incredibly fun to do which I feel has shown through in the amount of research and experiments I have created.

In this project, I have had to learn many new skills such as using watercolours, screen printing and lino printing and have improved existing skills in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. As a lot of my previous work is digital, I wanted to try using more traditional practices as I am very good at digital art but don’t want traditional practices to not be in my skill set. For my label designs, I ended up using my digital skills to create watercolour looking images as I wasn’t able to get the desired effect I wanted with watercolours – I believe this was due to my lack of paint mixing skills. I was annoyed that I couldn’t get the watercolour designs I anticipated I would, as I feel the none digitalised versions would have been less saturated and had a more elegant look which was what I depicted at the start.

In the last project, I still didn’t feel I experimented and developed my work enough, so this time I went all out. Instead of just keeping with a couple versions of a logo, I created a whole page full of different ideas, some that would work and others that wouldn’t. Before, when I had found a design I liked I had just run with that, although this time I found that I liked the next version more than the last which kept going until I found the perfect version. A huge problem that I ran into from this was that I got too carried away experimenting, researching and creating, that the end came up too quickly which caused me to have to rush. In future projects, I will need to get into a habit of stopping at the end of every week, evaluating my what I’ve done and what I still need to do more effectively as I didn’t do this as well as I should have in this project.

In terms of other people’s views of my work, I believe the majority of people will be more likely to look at the cordials as the packaging will stand out a mile when next to other drinks bottles. My aim to give people an insight into the taste of the cordials has worked but not in the way I originally thought. I would’ve liked labels to have come out more alike the Niche Tea packaging with a more visual story rather than just colour textures – which is what I ended up with. The client really like the final outcomes and loved the whole visual flavour design idea, that I had at the start, but felt the same as me that the designs should have had more of a visual story.

In conclusion, the experience of rebranding a live client has made me realise this is what I would like to do in the future. I am really happy with the final outcome, although if I was to do it again, I would definitely have spent more time creating a visual story on the labels rather than having to end up using a photograph and digitally manipulating it. I do feel that I should have asked the client be more forward in the decision making as I feel she was thinking about what was best for me, rather than her company.


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