End of year show – Display Ideas.

As we aren’t just creating a final piece and handing it in we are, in fact, showing our final pieces to the general public, it’s important I take some time and think about how I want to display my work at the final show. This is a wonderful opportunity for us, as we are able to get our name out there in the design community free of charge.

Along with printing my apron for the show, I need to print out the business cards and print the labels to go onto the bottles. As we had a problem printing the labels where they wouldn’t come out the right size, I had to make do with printing them on high-quality photo paper and sticking them on with double-sided sticky tape.

My initial layout idea for my end of year show was to have a small space next to a wall with a white wooden box roughly chest height in front of it. I would then have my apron hung from the wall behind the box, with the logo about eye level and the bottles and business cards neatly displayed on the box.


Unfortunately, there weren’t anymore display boxes when I went to set up, as the ones that my course had been given had already been taken. Instead, I managed to get myself some table space.


As you can see in the image below, I decided to try using a glass stand we found, with a light underneath. We placed the bottles on top of the stand and the light underneath lit up the cordials inside which looked interesting and made them stand out. We placed the apron to the left and laid the business card neatly in front, some showing the front and others the back,  so people could see both sides designs.20170623_090654

Unfortunately, as there wasn’t enough space for everyone, we had to each take up less space. What I did was simply moved my apron in front of the glass stand and moved all the business cards up next the bottles – again with some face-up and others face-down.


Overall I liked how my exhibit was displayed, but would have obviously liked to have had my original idea of a box next to a wall to be the final display, as I feel it would have looked more professional and cleaner than what I ended up having.


List Of Things To Do.

  • Ask tutor about Adobe Illustrator layers messing up. DONE
  • Finish watercolour experiments. DONE
  • Create new simple logo mood board.
  • Try using wax with Brusho.
  • Finish narrowing ideas blog post.
  • Read through all blog posts and ask for help if I think it needs more work.
  • Experiment with lino. DONE
  • Bring in or get measurements of labels that Cornish Country Cordials use so I can cut paper to size and experiment with watercolour on them. DONE

I am wanting to have completed these list of things to do by next Wednesdays (10th May).

How are the brands I’ve looked at going to influence my final outcome?

The initial idea for my project was to create a rebrand for a Cornish food/drinks company. I was going to look at current food/drinks/clothing companies and create branding heavily influence by the Cornish branding style – as seen below.


When I went over my idea with my lecturer in a group crit session, he said that he thought my idea was too safe. By safe me meant he thought I wouldn’t be challenging myself and I could very easily create something in no time that looked great in that style. A third year Falmouth University student that was on a placement for a week, at the end of the session told me to go and have a look at a company called Appy Fizz that had had an incredible rebrand done by Sagmeister & Walsh. The rebrand included a whole new look that was based around what you taste and the feelings you get when you drink Appy Fizz a fizzy apple juice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.47.45

Just after this group crit session, I decided to email Sally Harvey the owner of Cornish Country Cordials offering to rebrand her company and she said yes. Knowing that Sally’s cordials were full of flavour already, the idea of creating branding that was influenced by the taste of the fruity cordials starting whizzy around my head and branching off and filling my head with ideas.

After making the decision to create a new brand identity that was based on the flavours you taste when you drink the CCC’s cordials, I began looking at artists. The first brand I looked at was Niche Tea, a remedy tea company from London. Their packaging designs really made me start to think about having a different background design for each cordial and just keeping the same text and logo the same on each label. I liked Niche Tea’s packaging as each of the designs somewhat relates to where the remedy is going to help, colour and shape wise. For example, the remedy tea for your skin featured a solid pink background with I would think represented your skin and with blue paint brush marks all over which I guess symbolises your skin being refreshed by the tea.


I then went and looked at Sincelo, an Ice cream company from Portugal. What made me look into Sincelo was the experimental designs of the brand, with the shapes, patterns and colours being the part that attracted me. I liked the simplicity of the designs and how the new type fitted really well with the colourful abstract designs.


Milko was a made up milk company I came across when scrolling through Behance. The handmade type was the main part the designer was showing not the background, although I liked the look of the shapes and colours and thought the whole design worked really well together. The designer created the logotype himself and this was where I started to think about creating a handwritten style logo for the money instead of a logo with a font I got on the internet.


Fiol was the same was Milko, I just stumbled across it online. The reason why I chose to look as Fiol was again that it had some really interesting designs on the packaging. I liked the way the bottles look elegant even though they are very busy visually. Cornish Country Cordials make premium products just like Fiol so both would need premium looking packaging to attract their consumer. It was great to see that you can make busy packaging designs look elegant, which was what I thought might not work.

presentazione_tesi (dragged) 56

So to conclude, the brands and designs I’ve looked at are going to influence my work by pushing it towards creating packaging that visually communicates the taste and feelings you experience when drinking Cornish Country Cordial’s cordials.

Narrowing My Ideas.

Currently, my head is full of ideas for this project but now we are almost half way through, so it’s time to decide on a final path which I can then develop from.

20170414_190931.jpgMonday 15th May

At the beginning of the project, when I first met with Sally the owner of Cornish Country Cordials, we sat down and came up with a list of elements of the new branding packaging I could create for this project. At the time people in my class mentioned that I was taking on a lot in the project and questioned if I had enough time to complete the whole list of branding packaging elements – I thought I did!

Now that we have only 4 weeks left, I can see that I definitely don’t have time to complete all the elements I set out to create, so I am going to have to decide on the most important ones which Sally agrees is best, as we want an excellent quality project to display at the final end of year show.

I am currently finalising the logo design stage and have lots of logos, some which I really like and feel fit the target market well. With only 4 weeks left, my main priority is to ensure I have the new logo, packaging and uniforms done and then if I have time I can do a new leaflet and possibly the website designs. At the start of the project, the new trade-stand designs and short “food-porn” film were somewhat extras anyway that we could create if we had time.

So here is a list of things I need to do in the next 4 weeks on the making side

  • Finish the logo designs and choose the final design.
  • Finish packaging for the five main cordials.
  • Create new website mockups. Could design the real thing if I get around to taking the photographs of the cordials with new labels.
  • Screen printing the new logo onto chosen apron or t-shirt.

Branding aimed towards women aged 20-40

After speaking to Sally the other day, I found out that when she started Cornish Country Cordials the target market of the business was children as a healthy alternative to squashes crammed full of artificial colours and preservatives. Now, on the other hand, she sells the majority of her cordials to women between the ages of 20-40 and most of them buy them to mix with Prosecco and other alcoholic beverages. I messaged her this morning to confirm which target market she wanted her company to be branded for – her reply was women between the ages of 20-40 as that’s where see is making her money at the moment.

As I now know what target market the branding is aimed at, I can now look into specific existing corporate branding that will appeal to this target market.

Below is a list of branding that I intend to look at

Target, for 19th of April. (Easter Break)

By the end of the Easter break, I want to have nearly all the research for this project completed and to be ready for the final creating stage. I also might want to go to my local farmers market/farm shops and have a look at the branding of other local business for primary research. Over the Easter holiday, I will have completed or started the initial thumbnails sketches.

Here are some S.M.A.R.T targets for the Easter holidays.

  • Taste all cordials write down adjectives that describe them. DONE
  • Try and make my project idea less broad using new mind maps of ideas and mood boards. DONE
  • Look at more packaging designs or designs in general. DONE
  • Start researching and try possible techniques I could use to create my designs. Screen printing, Lino Printing, food photography DONE

What is the problem I am trying to solve?

Before I go any further with this project, I really need to take a minute and think about what problem Cornish Country Cordials (CCC) is currently having and how I am going to overcome this for them.

Cornish Country Cordials, were and currently are still a small business that sells their products at a few independent stores around the Tamar Valley. When I went and spoke to the proprietor Sally, she said that she would like her business to become as big as current drink manufacturing companies from the South-west like Cornish Orchards and Tarquin’s Gin. Currently, their branding doesn’t look like the branding of an established company and I want to make it look that way.

The branding CCC currently has, works as the branding for a new company but as the company is 6 years old, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.IMG_5163

When analysing the current branding, here are a list is things I don’t like and need to change.

  • The use of google images on the packaging always makes a company look new and lacking experience.
  • Overall boring design with no real personality. You can tell the labels have been created in word as there very flat and lack the ability to pop out on a shop shelf.
  • Small but major in my eyes is the small apple logo on the right side. Just the way it isn’t transparent makes the whole branding look unprofessional.
  • I feel every different flavour of cordial should have something else different on the packaging rather than just a different image and name.
  • I feel the packaging and layout also looks cheap seeing as I can tell it was created in word.

Having said all of this, I do feel that all of the points I have raised kind of add to the homemade feel, that most of the time is spent creating something that tastes amazing not on designing the packaging. Although again, if the company is to become bigger than it currently is, it must look bigger than it currently is.


Seeing as the main buyers are women between 20-40, I feel a more elegant design, handcraft feel may work well. As it is bought and mixed with prosecco and other alcoholic drinks maybe a bubbly design might work rather well. I will have to confirm with Sally the proprietor, which target market see want the business to be aimed at. If she says that she wants the business to target multi-markets, then maybe we should create a few different groups of cordials with different markets.